Thursday, 6 November 2014

Deck the Halls!

My housemate texted me on Monday saying she felt like getting a Christmas tree for the house. Having lived in a house where my mum would barely remember to decorate until about two days before Christmas, I jumped at the chance to get festive early on. Some may think that early November is too soon but I don't care!

We popped down to Wilko and picked up a cute little 4ft tree, some lights and a few decorations. We also made a trip to QD and the 99p store for a few extra cheap bits and pieces. Then we spent a good two hours decorating the house, it's so beautiful and festive now. We're definitely not done, though. I want to get some bits to put in the windows and I'm keeping an eye out for any other cute pieces we can add.

I had to buy the candy canes, a tree just isn't complete without some. Though I can't say how many will still be left by Christmas Day, I'm already having to fend James off every time he comes round. We also picked up a couple of cute wall decorations. Some gold snowflakes and some heart shaped bunting. The bunting is so adorable and not overly Christmassy, so I think we could get away with leaving it up after Christmas.

While we were in QD we discovered these fantastic tartan blankets, they're ridiculously soft and are fluffy on the back so perfect for snuggling under when it's chilly. The best part is they're only £10! We bought two, one for each sofa and I am officially in love.

Now the nights are drawing in I'm so happy our house is looking all cosy and festive. Tesco have also started selling mulled, so what better way to spend an evening than snuggled up under a toasty blanket, Christmas lights flashing away and a warm glass of mulled wine?

Bryony :)

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