Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Comic Book Day: Bodies, Lumberjanes and Death of Wolverine

Today was a good haul for me comic book wise. Last week James asked the comic shop guys to back order issue #3 of Bodies for me so that arrived today, as well as issue #7 of Lumberjanes (only one more left, noooo) and Part 4 of Death of Wolverine (also nooooo). I was very excited to get stuck in.

First up is Bodies. The more I read this comic the more I love it (and the more confused I get, I hope it all makes sense eventually and that I'm not just stupid). My favourite character at the moment is Shahara, she's absolutely awesome. She's intelligent, she's tough, and she can kick some serious butt. I just love seeing such a positive representation of a Muslim woman in a comic. My favourite part of this issue was seeing Shahara totally destroy an extreme 'patriot'. Beautiful.

Next up was Lumberjanes. I have such a soft spot for this comic, as it was the first one I started collecting and I just bloody love it. It's so funny and quirky, I'm pretty sure I've settled on Ripley as my favourite character (partially because I love that she's named after one of the most badass film characters of all time). This issue came with a twist which has me waiting on tenterhooks for the next and final issue (sob). It also came with some very beautiful artwork.

Finally we have Death of Wolverine: Part 4. I didn't really want to read this, because I don't want Wolverine to die. Wolverine is one of my favourite comic book characters ever. Saying that, parts one to three of this have been AWESOME. The artwork is amazing, there's been plenty of intrigue and more than once I got hit right in the feels. But to be honest I was left pretty underwhelmed by the last issue. It felt rushed, it was all over really quickly and to be honest I thought there'd be a bit more... zing. It's Wolverine, after all.

I will say that I loved these title pages in each issue. It reminded me of the opening credits of old Western films. Every time I turned the page to this I had 'dun-a-dun-a-dun-wah-wah-wah' going off in my head.

Bryony :)

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