Sunday, 7 September 2014

Seven Things Sunday #006

I can't believe another week has flown by. This week has been really good, I'm excited to talk about the many things that have made me happy this week. I may struggle to narrow it down to seven things!

1. Watching Jumanji was lovely, Robin Williams was a huge part of my childhood and it was great to rewatch something I watched as a kid. Definitely need to watch Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and Flubber.

2. James and I went to visit the kittens at my Grandma's again. They're still so teeny tiny! We managed to get them out and give them a proper cuddle this time. We've named them all (Webster, Dusty and Spider) and we've taken a real shine to Webster. He got stuck in my hair!

3. I've really enjoyed making coffee this week. I spend most of my time at work making coffee, but this week I've gotten back into enjoying latte art. Here's a mocha I made for a friend.

4. Had a lovely afternoon reading at the Playhouse with James. I really enjoy the fact that we will often go somewhere and sit and read together.

5. Went to see West Side Story with James and his parents. I've never seen it before, and if I'm being honest I can't say it's now one of my favourite musicals or anything, but the dancing/singing was absolutely fantastic. I'm really glad I got to go, plus it was nice to get a bit dressed up and do something a little different with James.

6. James and I finished our Friends marathon. Two and a half months after he bought me the box set, we have officially watched every single episode! One of my life goals is now complete!

7. I got to catch up with my lovely friend Charlotte, who I haven't seen in a while. It's always lovely to see her. I was also a bit naughty, seeing as I'm not meant to be spending any money, and couldn't resist buying this amazing Game of Thrones t-shirt.

Aw yiss. Hope you've all had excellent weeks!

Bryony :)

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