Sunday, 14 September 2014

Seven Things Sunday #007

I might have to stop writing these 'Seven Things Sunday' posts as it's starting to get frightening how quickly each week passes by! Here's the seven things that made me happy this week.

1. I finished my final Spanish assignment, which means I have completed the OU module and am now just waiting for my results. I'm fairly confident that I've done ok, but I hope I get a distinction like I did with my Psychology module.

2. My dad drove me out to the coat and bought me fish and chips. We took his dog Molly for a walk, it's always lovely to spend some time with them (she is crazy).

3. Wednesday was comic book day and James treated me to Parts 1 & 2 of The Death of Wolverine. I'm kind of heartbroken because Wolverine is one of my favourite characters but the comics are amazing, and I'm sure he won't stay dead for long. You know what comics are like.

4. Thursday was bittersweet. I got to see a friend of mine who I haven't seen in ages, but while we were having coffee she got some really bad news which meant she had to leave. It was still nice to see her though.

5. Thursday evening I got to spend some time with another friend I haven't seen in a while. We went to see Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. It was amazing, Frank Turner seems like an awesome, genuine guy and his music is brilliant. I had a great time.

6. On Friday James and I went to House on St. Benedict's for one of their amazing veggie breakfasts. After we wandered down Magdalen Street and perused some charity shops before stopping off at the Playhouse to read and have a drink. Perfect day.

7. James has been playing a lot of Dark Souls this week, which at first I hated but now I'm quite enjoying as it gives me time to sit and read without any distractions. 

Bryony :)

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