Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kitten Update!

James and I popped round to my Grandma's yesterday to visit the kittens again. They're finally out of the barn and are moving around a lot more, so we got to hold them and play with them more. They're absolutely beautiful.

This cherub is my favourite, Webster. He's the only boy and he's the first one I saw and stroked when they were two and a half weeks old. He really likes my hair and always gets stuck in it, I ended up with a kitten hat.

Then we have Dusty, who my Grandma likes to call Sprog. She is absolutely beautiful but she doesn't have defined stripes like Webster.

Here's Dusty and Webster making a break for it out of the conservatory!

Finally we have Spider, who is the only one with a definite home at the moment. I'm really pleased to know her new owners are going to keep the name Spider!

Of course I couldn't leave without getting a cuddle from all three of them at once.

And finally, a photo of them all feeding. They look so cute all lined up, and it's adorable watching them all drift off whilst suckling!

Bryony :)

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