Sunday, 3 August 2014

Seven Things Sunday #001

I thought I'd start a new thing, every Sunday I'll try and round up my week with seven things that have made me happy. It's all too easy to focus on all the negative things in life so this should help me to remember to stay positive. One of my favourite quotes is 'Count your blessings, not your troubles' but I think I forget occasionally. 

I feel like it's a good time to start doing this as this hasn't been a very good week for me. I've been pretty bummed out by some bad news and a tough decision I had to make. But here's seven good things that made me happy this week. 

1. I got to meet Barbara, my friend's teeny tiny kitten. We tired her out playing with her and when she fell asleep we tucked her up with a teddy, it was bloody adorable.

2. I went for a delicious breakfast at Street Cafe on Magdalen Street. They let you create your own breakfast, which is great for me because I don't like tomatoes, beans or mushrooms so I got to pick exactly what I wanted. It was really tasty and such a lovely little place. 

3. I put some pictures on my wall and put up a banner, I made my room feel more like home.

4. James and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and it was really good! I absolutely loved it, I think Groot was my favourite character. Even though he didn't say much, he was so lovely and gentle.

5. I bought an awesome new comic, meaning I am now collecting three comics. For some reason I find that really exciting.

6. James and I had a great date night, even though we ony went to Nandos it was nice to go for dinner together.

7. Tonight was a really quiet shift, I got to get on with stuff and finished early. Now I get to enjoy my evening before my three days off. 

Bryony :)

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