Thursday, 3 July 2014

Where There's Tea There's Hope

I love tea. Not just your classic English Breakfast tea, either. I love all kinds of tea. I firmly believe that a cup of tea makes everything better (and if it doesn't, then it's a very serious problem). It can be quite hard to find good herbal teas, though. A lot of them smell amazing yet taste like watered down dust.

Green tea is another thing I just can't get into. I've tried it again and again, hoping I'd fall in love with it seeing as it's so good for you. But it always tastes like a farm to me. I can't stand it. So when I saw Mango & Lychee Green Tea in my local supermarket I thought I'd give it a go.

I loved it! The mango and lychee flavours work so well together and they mask the taste of the green tea just enough to make it drinkable without completely overpowering it. The flavours added a little sweetness, too. If you're like me and you don't like green tea, definitely try this. 

I also picked up a packet of Cranberry & Blood Orange tea. I really like their Mango & Strawberry tea as it's got a lovely strong flavour so I thought I'd give this a go as I absolutely love blood orange. I wasn't disappointed, this is another great herbal tea, really fruity and full of flavour. Perfect for summer.

If you have any tea recommendations for me please let me know, you can never have too much good tea!

Bryony :)


  1. Cranberry and raspberry is lovely, as is raspberry and ginseng. I quite like green tea personally, but it's not something I have too often. I don't know if they still do it, but Twinings used to do a promotion where they'd send you two sample teabags of your choice. It could be worth looking on their website next time you fancy something different.

    1. I saw the cranberry and raspberry when I bought these, I was thinking I'd like to try that next. I'll have a look on their website, I've seen that they do green tea and salted caramel too, which I wouldn't mind trying so it'd be good to get a sample of that!

    2. I definitely reccomend the salted caramel green tea! The gingerbread one is also amazing, and toffee apple all made by Twinings. They converted me :).