Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Polargram Prints

I've been wanting to get some of my instagram pictures printed for a while now, and after reading Hallfy's DIY post a few days ago I thought I'd try out Polargram.

You can order 12 prints for £6, 24 for £9 or 48 for £12. They come printed like little polaroid pictures, which I thought was super cute. I ordered 12 prints and they arrived today in an adorable little box (which I ripped open before I thought to photograph it) and there was even a little sweet inside. I love little touches like that.

These are only half of the pictures I ordered, as some were duplicates and I gave a couple of others away. Aren't they cute, though? I'm planning on buying some little frames so I can give some of these away as little gifts, and the rest I'm going to put up on my wall.

Bryony :)

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